When designing and realizing the new freezer system we have only considered renewable and energy efficient technologies. The installation makes full use of the natural refrigerant CO2. This refrigerant has no impact on the ozone layer, and has a highly favorable Carbon Footprint.

This new transcritical cooling technology makes it possible to further reduce the energy consumption of cold generation. The installation is built entirely from sustainable and recyclable materials such as stainless steel and copper. The integrated control technology ensures a continuous adaptation to the optimal operating conditions.


The storage conditions are secured through continuous monitoring and remote management. Besides an improved insulation, recovery of waste heat for underfloor heating, energy-efficient LED lighting our Coldstore is for a third equipped with a fully automated mobile racking system, so that every square meter of storage space is used optimally.


The way we deal with the environment will determine the future of our society and E-Coldstore is willing to invest in a better future. The awareness of the need to think about the environment is deeply embedded within the organization. We have already made quite a turnaround towards cleaner and more efficient products and processes, but we continue to monitor closely developments in sustainability. Given the fact that… sustainability is an ongoing process and, where possible, we will try to implement it.