E-Coldstore is divided according to the most recent logistical insights. Consequently, all products can always be driven in and out quickly and easily. Moreover, we have excellent facilities for loading, unloading and transhipment. In many cases, we can also facilitate quality and weight checks, freezing, packaging, and defrosting for you. All these aspects together mean that we can offer an excellent service at a competitive price.

E-Coldstore Neede is located next to a junction of roads connected to the motorways A1, A12, A18 and A35. Moreover, Neede is approximately 30 minutes from the junction of the German motorways to Osnabrück, Hannover, Berlin (30) and Düsseldorf, Aachen (31). Neede is about two hours from Rotterdam, three hours from Bremerhaven and about three and half hours from Hamburg.

EEG 296 and 936

E-Coldstore has all the required licenses for storing, processing and transporting a very wide range of foodstuffs, including meat, meat products, butter, vegetables, snacks, pizzas and bread. The most important include B, K, and Category-3 material licenses and special licenses for export to countries such as Russia, Japan and Korea. Our EEG numbers 296 (Neede) and 936 (Coevorden) guarantee first class quality in the countries to which we export.