excellent service provider

E-Coldstore does not itself trade any products. We are, however, fully equipped to serve our customers in any fi eld, due to many years of experience and our storage and freezing capacity. We are constantly looking for new solutions which can improve the quality and convenience of our customers. In doing so we are not tied to existing systems. If necessary, we adjust our system, or we will think of something new, to increase customer satisfaction. The extra services such as quality control and packaging, may be of added value to the product we store for you.
Many of the products that we store are traded internationally by our customers in countries such as Germany, Scandinavia, Russia, Hong Kong, Japan, Thailand and Brazil.


E-Coldstore is fl exible and service-orientated. We are open to every need in terms of storage and processing. Our permanent staff have considerable theoretical and practical knowledge of products, refrigeration, freezing and logistics. The staff carrying out the work are experienced and highly-qualifi ed personnel. Therefore you can count on us to quickly and effi ciently arrange anything that we say ‘yes’ to. Just like you, we loathe a lack of clarity, unnecessary discussions and paperwork and delays. Every part of the storage and associated logistical process is therefore implemented carefully and accurately. Always. For every customer and for every product.